Clear Posing Stands for Neo Blythe


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This set comes with one tall posing stand for Neo Blythe, and one short one. Both stands are made from clear acrylic, allowing you to position your doll for photos without having a big stick showing in the background! The tall stand is best for standing poses, and the short stand prevents Blythe from toppling over when seated. (The short one looks like it will work for Middie, but alas it does not—working on that design next!)

My friend Nicky at Next Blythe Family and I had used a variety of items to prop our Blythes up for photos—I was always balancing my girls on the tip of a chopstick, and she had some metal BBQ forks that worked pretty well, but she suggested that if we took her fork and made them out of clear acrylic, they would be even better. My hubby and I tinkered with the design to get it just right for months, and everyone who has tested these has been thrilled with the results. Even when I catch a bit of the acrylic in my photos, it is easy to make it disappear with a tap or two of the “heal” button in my camera app—with wood stands I would be photoshopping them out forever!

These stands are pretty sturdy for thin clear acrylic, just make sure to protect them when traveling. (Sitting on your backpack with stands inside is a bad idea, ask me how I know…..) They are intended for short term posing for photos, not for long term display (they hold the dolls up pretty sturdily, but if a truck rumbles by your house they will probably fall.)

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