The Pope Lick Monster!





The Pope Lick Monster is a legendary half-man, half-goat creature reported to live beneath a railroad trestle bridge over Pope Lick Creek in Louisville, KY.   Is he an escaped circus freak or the product of an ill fated union between a local farmer and his goats? No one can be sure.  Some rumors blame him for a train derailment.  Some claim he frightens travelers into leaping from the trestle to their deaths, while others say he holds them down on the tracks himself ala’ Snidely Whiplash.  Travelers beware!  He lurks in wait……

I created this Pope Lick Monster for the “cryptid” prompt for Mab’s Drawloween Club 2018.  Now he can creep in YOUR neck of the woods—find him in my shop!

Carnival Punk Blythes!





We’re getting ready to take our circus punks to the art show at the Old Miami this Saturday. Meanwhile, I’ve got carnival punk sets for Blythe dolls to join in on the fun!  Each set includes a OOAK hand painted dress, a faux fur helmet, and a mini dolly size punk.   They’re available now in the shop!