Zara, Custom Blythe #57


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Meet Zara, a gorgeous ebony skinned girl with long flowing locks and a sweet disposition.

Zara is a one of a kind, customized Blythe art doll by me, Sandra Coe for Motor City Dolly. She is my 57th custom Blythe.

Her base doll is a factory Blythe on a jointed sz M body, and like all Neo Blythes, she has eyes that change when her cord is pulled. She is 11 1/2 inches tall.
I have done the following work on her:

Face plate has been extensively carved and both face and back plates have been sand matted.

Her body and faceplates have been airbrushed to achieve her beautiful deep brown skin, then sealed with MSC UV Cut. She has all new airbrushed makeup applied with high quality pastels and acrylics and sealed with multiple coats of Mr Super Clear Flat UV Cut. Because her deep brown skin is painted, Zara requires gentle treatment. Her paint is thoroughly sealed and you will be able to dress and pose her with no problems, but rough play should be avoided. Her base doll is light skinned, which is slightly visible at her seams.

Zara has sleep eyes with custom pull charms. Her eye mechanism works smoothly. Gaze has been lifted and eyes boggled.
She has four new pairs of eye chips in varying shades of blue, grey, and green, all hand painted by me.

Zara has real ankle length human hair in gorgeous black curls, securely sewn to her scalp in wefts. It can be gently washed and styled just like your own hair.

Her outfit is designed and sewn by me, and includes her white cotton dress and flower crown headband. In true summer style, she wears no shoes.

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