Lavina, Custom Blythe Doll #93 on Takara Punkaholic People Base


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 When they looked back toward the valley and the distant Gardner place at the bottom they saw a fearsome sight. All the farm was shining with the hideous unknown blend of colour; trees, buildings, and even such grass and herbage as had not been wholly changed to lethal grey brittleness. The boughs were all straining skyward, tipped with tongues of foul flame, and lambent tricklings of the same monstrous fire were creeping about the ridgepoles of the house, barn, and sheds. It was a scene from a vision of Fuseli, and over all the rest reigned that riot of luminous amorphousness, that alien and undimensioned rainbow of cryptic poison from the well—seething, feeling, lapping, reaching, scintillating, straining, and malignly bubbling in its cosmic and unrecognisable chromaticism.” -HP Lovecraft

Lovecraft’s The Colour out of Space is one of the creepiest stories I’ve ever read, and while a very different interpretation, I love the 2019 Color Out of Space movie as well.  Lavinia is my tribute to Madeleine Arthur’s portrayal of Lavinia Gardner, a teenager who dabbles in the occult and encounters true horror.  (Fun fact; Arthur was also in “Big Eyes.”)

Lavinia is my 93rd custom Blythe doll, on a Takara Punkaholic People base with a Pure Neemo Sz Small body.  She’s been extensively carved and given all new makeup sealed with Mr Super Clear UV Cut. She has an extra long curly mohair reroot of soft mixed natural blonde and chestnut locks with a touch of bright purple.

Her eye mechanism works smoothly, and she has new eye lashes, sleep eyes with custom pentagram charms, and four new pairs of my hand painted eye chips.  With the flip of a switch, she lights from within with the colour out of space! (LED lights inside her head controlled by an easily accessible, replaceable battery.)

Lavinia comes with her complete outfit, including shoes, shirt, stockings, and shorts.

I had fun adding “the colour” to some of Lavinia’s photos—-I have also included the unedited versions of those photos here.

She will travel securely packed in her own custom sleeping bag, which is lined in the softest flannel to protect her face. She’ll be further wrapped in lots of bubble wrap and sent in a sturdy box via Priority mail with signature confirmation. Shipping is free for U.S. and Canadian buyers; see discounted rates for overseas customers. 60 day layaway is possible with a 25% deposit and a 3-4 payment plan. Send me a message via the contact form if you would like to arrange a layaway plan.