Eve The Vuvalini Custom Takara Cinnamon Girl Blythe Doll


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With the apocalypse seeming closer every day, I’ve dipped again into the world of Mad Max for inspiration again. Drought, warfare, fires, pollution, age old hatreds……we few who care can try to save the world, but in the end we must find a way to simply survive it.  The Vuvalini are among my favorite characters from Fury Road—–where older women are so often dismissed in our current culture, the film portrays them as cagey survivors, whose knowledge, experience, and total bad ass skills and attitudes are respected and needed by the younger women, as all band together to quite literally smash the patriarchy.

Eve is my tribute to these future survivors.  She is a custom Takara Cinnamon Girl (EBL) Blythe doll, with a gorgeous Gotland wool reroot and extensive carving and new makeup, on her original body with a steel neck joint to allow better tilting and posing.  Gotland wool is super soft and brushable with amazing curl structure, and I have left Eve’s its beautiful natural gray.  She also has four pairs of new hand painted eye chips, sleep eyes with custom pull charms, and a hand sewn outfit including leather goggles, scarf, shirt, leather belt, gun, pants, and boots.  She will come with her bike as well, which I have repainted and customized to reflect her adventures at the End of the World.  All painted surfaces have been thoroughly sealed with MSC UV Cut.

I’ve used filters on some of Eve’s outdoor photos for mood, but all studio photos are completed unfiltered and unedited (gray background photos.)

Eve and her accessories will travel wrapped in lots of bubble wrap and sent in a sturdy box via Priority mail with signature confirmation. Shipping is free for U.S.  buyers; see discounted rates for overseas customers.  I am willing to consider selling Eve without her bike for international buyers to reduce shipping weight/cost.  60 day layaway is possible with a 25% deposit and a 3-4 payment plan. Send me a message via the contact form if you would like to arrange a layaway plan.

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