Last Custom of 2017

You might have noticed that things have been a little quiet on this site.  Life stuff has been getting in the way of my dollmaking for the past few months, but I was so happy to have pulled off this commissioned Wednesday Addams Blythe.  She’s the third version of Wednesday that I’ve done; each are a little different, but each reminds me of why I got into Blythe in the first place.  You can see more photos of her in her Flickr album.

Sweet Summer Sisters

Sunny and Honey are two mellow, sun loving sisters. Sunny is the hippie chick; her dreads were each individually needle felted with alpaca and wool fiber (definitely a lengthy labor of love!) Honey is hovering between tomboy and super model. Her hair is a gorgeous, golden human hair sewn weft.   They are available in my Etsy shop!


“Hi! Hey there! Wanna push me on the swings?”

Ellie, my 45th custom Blythe, was done as an Up inspired commission for a very special Carl to give to his own Ellie. <3  You can see the rest of her photo set on Flickr!

Sunny and Honey

These sun loving sisters are slowly coming to life. They’re not quite done, but they snuck out of the studio to take advantage of today’s beautiful weather.  Honey has human hair sewn in wefts, and Sunny has dreadlocks that I made by needle felting alpaca and wool fibers into dreads and then sewed to her scalp one by one (which was kinda a huge task but I love the result.)

Awaken Ma’at

Ma’at is the my 44th custom Blythe, created as a commission honoring my client’s African heritage.  Ma’at represents traditional African beauty with a modern twist. Her tribal makeup is in an Ankh shape to represent eternal life, and her name and third eye represent awakened consciousness and the pursuit of balance, harmony, and justice.   See her full photo  shoot on Flickr!

Joy 2.0

I initially customized Joy this past winter, but when the grey winter skies turned to sun, I discovered flaws that had been hidden in the dim light and removed her from my shop.  I have completely redone her carving and makeup since then, and she is now a total stunner in any kind of light you can throw at her!  She’s now back in my Etsy shop and looking forward to traveling!

Mini Gene the Golfer

Mini Gene is my 42nd custom, created as a commission for a friend to be a mini-version of her dad, who loves to golf. You can check out the rest of his adventures on the links in his Flickr album.