Carnival Punk Blythes!





We’re getting ready to take our circus punks to the art show at the Old Miami this Saturday. Meanwhile, I’ve got carnival punk sets for Blythe dolls to join in on the fun!  Each set includes a OOAK hand painted dress, a faux fur helmet, and a mini dolly size punk.   They’re available now in the shop!

Labor Day Sale!

I’m doing the Labor Day sale thing! (I maaaaaybe do one sale a year, so this won’t happen again anytime soon!) 15% off everything in my shop, just use sale code LABORDAY15 at checkout from now through Monday.

The Dirtiest Most Bizarre Art Show That is Not in An Alley, Ever!

Two weeks from tomorrow, it’s The Dirtiest Most Bizarre Art Show That Is Not in an Alley, Ever! It’s our sixth year with this one day festival, which features punk music, outsider art, freakshow performers, and all the coolest people you know in Detroit all in one place. We’ll be there with all the carnival punks we’ve been teasing out all summer, and we hope you will be too! Click here for all the details!


Elle is a sweet blonde girl with a hint of mystery about her.  She is my 55th custom Blythe, and is available for adoption in my shop.





Zara has ankle length wefted human hair, gorgeous ebony skin, and the sweetest personality. She’s my 57th custom Blythe, and she’s available for adoption in my shop.


I had so much fun doing this commissioned Blythe inspired by Boo from Monsters, Inc. She’s got her monster suit on and her kitty doll, but she just can’t stop pouting. 😀 You can see the rest of her photo shoot on Flickr.

Teddy Lupin’s Teddy

Here is Teddy Lupin’s teddy bear, created for him in the image of his father, Remus Lupin, during one of his transformations. What else would the orphan son of a werewolf comfort himself with?
I’ve created this little mohair doll in the style of a vintage teddy, and listed him in my shop for (actual) werewolf children or the adult collectors who love them.