Madeline, Custom Blythe #54


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In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines….the smallest one was Madeline.
Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline stories were among my childhood favorites, mostly because Madeline was a total troublemaker. She ran away from boarding school, taunted tigers at the zoo, and joined a gypsy band’s circus. And all of that went down before she even hit puberty. So you know that teenage Madeline had to be absolutely hell on wheels, and I had to make that grown up version of her as a doll.

Maddie is a one of a kind, customized Blythe art doll by me, Sandra Coe for Motor City Dolly. She is my 54th custom Blythe.  Her base doll is a translucent factory Blythe on a poseable Azone Pure Neemo size small body. If you prefer, she can be switched to a regular Blythe body or a Licca body.
Like all Neo Blythes, she has eyes that change when her cord is pulled. She is 11 1/2 inches tall.

I have done the following work on her:

Face plate has been extensively carved and both face and back plates have been sand matted.

Gaze has been lifted and eyes boggled.

She has all new airbrushed makeup applied with high quality pastels and acrylics and sealed with multiple coats of Mr Super Clear Flat UV Cut.

She has sleep eyes with custom pull charms.

Her eye mechanism works smoothly.

She has four new pairs of eye chips in varying shades of browns and greens; three hand painted by me and one pair Puppelina chips. She has new eye lashes.

Yellow linen dress and hat designed and sewn by me, with tan pumps by The Vogue HK.

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