Demi, Custom Takara Fruit Punch (EBL) Blythe Doll


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Demi is the leader of her small family of climate refugees, taking the risks first and making the way for the children to live safely in the unknown forest. Fierce and fearless, she will leap from a plane, scale the tall trees, and explore dark caves in search of safety for her cousins.

Demi’s base is Takara Fruit Punch (ebl) and she has a soft, naturally highlighted alpaca reroot that can be carefully heat styled. Her camouflage paint covers her jointed Pure Neemo Sz Small (small chest) body and is thoroughly sealed with Mr Super Clear UV Flat Cut spray, so there is no worry of it rubbing off onto her clothing.  She has four sets of my hand painted eye chips in tones of brown, green, and hazel, as well as sleep eyes and custom pulls.  I’ve installed a metal neck joint to increase poseability and stability.

These photos were taken in a variety of natural outdoor lighting situations and have not been edited (with the obvious exception of the parachuting photo!)

Demi will travel with her parachute, goggles, complete outfit including shoes, and securely tucked into her own custom sleeping bag.

She will ship for free via insured Priority Mail within the U.S. wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap. Please see discounted rates for shipping outside the U.S.

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Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 in