Monster Bunny

Sammy was born with a third eye and a long ridge of spikes down his back. Despite the fact that the spikes had caused an unusually painful childbirth, his mother loved him very much and did what she could to make his monstrosities seem normal. She immediately made him a little stuffed bunny that looked just like him, and Sammy loved his bunny and took him everywhere. Does your inner monster child long for a mutant bunny of your own to love?

I’ve created this little mohair doll in the style of a vintage mohair teddy, using top quality chocolate brown Intercal mohair. His limbs and neck are jointed and poseable, and he is stuffed with glass beads for weight and synthetic polyfil for hugging. I hand painted his golden-red glass eyes, sculpted his claws, and needle felted his many spikes.

This sweetie is available for adoption in my shop.

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