Folklore Collection Preview

Here is a sneak peak at the folklore inspired collection I’m making especially for Blythe vs Blythe 8! Everything is inspired by European Spring festivals, and each hand embroidered dress is OOAK and made to represent a different region. I’ll be showing off the entire collection live during my vendor showcase on May 29 at 2pm PST (that’s 5pm Detroit time.) It’s not too late to join Blythe vs Blythe and get in on the fun—–I’ll be giving away a complete set including dress, apron and headpiece for BvsB members if you needed another reason to join.

Rock n Roll!

I dunno about you, but I am sooooo sick of seeing those ubiquitous Linkin Park shirts on every other Blythe girl! Dolls can have good taste in music too!

So here’s the deal—I made shirts featuring my favorite bands! I’m only doing bands that I’ve actually given my cash to, and there will be only one made of each design. (So if you miss it the first time….you missed it.) I’m not out to be a bootlegger, I just want dollies to have better rock bands to represent.
Find your fave in the shop. Shipping is free for U.S. buyers—-buy three or more shirts and use code HELLYEAH to take $5 off at checkout.

Kimono Sew-a-Long

So happy with the way this kimono turned out! I’ve wanted to make one forever, but was always flummoxed by the directions. I jumped on the chance to do Dolly Chan’s kimono sew-a-long! Cass is happy too……”about time you got me out of my Christmas outfit!” 😁

Fruit Punch Before & After

Working on Simone, a girl for the end of the world. Love showing unedited before and after photos! She’s a Takara Fruit Punch EBL base, now with a gorgeous mohair reroot and a bit of zombie blood spatter. 😀