Spring Sale

I’ve never done a sale on my dolls before. I may never do one again….BUT, if you’ve had your eye on one of these ladies, there’s no time like this weekend to adopt one, as I’m offering $50 off any doll in my Etsy store for the next three days.
The sale starts at midnight tonight, just enter SPRING17 into the discount box at checkout. (New purchases only, please, offer isn’t applicable to current layaways or commissioned work.)  

Awaken Ma’at

Ma’at is the my 44th custom Blythe, created as a commission honoring my client’s African heritage.  Ma’at represents traditional African beauty with a modern twist. Her tribal makeup is in an Ankh shape to represent eternal life, and her name and third eye represent awakened consciousness and the pursuit of balance, harmony, and justice.   See her full photo  shoot on Flickr!

Joy 2.0

I initially customized Joy this past winter, but when the grey winter skies turned to sun, I discovered flaws that had been hidden in the dim light and removed her from my shop.  I have completely redone her carving and makeup since then, and she is now a total stunner in any kind of light you can throw at her!  She’s now back in my Etsy shop and looking forward to traveling!