The Vuvalini

With the apocalypse seeming closer every day, I’ve dipped again into the world of Mad Max for inspiration again. Drought, warfare, fires, pollution, age old hatreds……we few who care can try to save the world, but in the end we must find a way to simply survive it. The Vuvalini are among my favorite characters from Fury Road—–where older women are so often dismissed in our current culture, the film portrays them as cagey survivors, whose knowledge, experience, and total bad ass skills and attitudes are respected and needed by the younger women, as all band together to quite literally smash the patriarchy.

Eve is my tribute to these future survivors. She is a custom Takara Cinnamon Girl (EBL) Blythe doll, with a gorgeous Gotland wool reroot and is available for adoption in my shop.

Wonderland of Play

I am so excited to be vending at Wonderland of Play in Brugge next June, 2022! I hope to see many of you live and in person for dolly fun in one of the most charming locations in the world. Tickets will go on sale in September, and vendor applications are open until August 1.

The Puppelini Sisters Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I proudly present to you The Puppelini Sisters Circus! Starring Silvia, Sophia, Giuseppe and Fettuccine!

This sister act has been a LONG time coming. Last spring, during the early months of the pandemic, I read an article about an Italian traveling family circus that had become marooned in the last town they had performed in. They couldn’t hold shows, and they were barred from traveling due to Covid restrictions, so they were stuck and trying to make the best of it. I was enchanted by the circus children, practicing their performance routines along with their schoolwork, living a life that seemed a relic of 100 years ago (but of course with electronics.) Later in the year, I read about other family circuses in similar straits in Mexico and the Netherlands…..what amazing lives people lead!
I wanted to recreate the feel of the little performers through Blythe, and decided that it would be fun if Silvia and Sophia’s act included their pets.

Visit my shop to bring one or both girls and their puppies home!

1/6 Scale Dolly Furniture

I am super excited to be making 1/6 scale doll furniture for Blythe and other 11″ fashion dolls now. This Sunday, May 2, I’ll be offering several versions of these completed hutches, as well as DIY kits with pre-cut wood and instructions to build the hutch and decorate it your way. The shop update will be at 7pm Eastern.